Stronglift 5×5 week 2 – day 1

Today (Monday) was the start of week 2 on Stronglifts 5×5.


Current 37.5kg | Previous 35kg | Increase 2.5kg


Current 20kg | Previous 20kg | Increase 0kg


Current 45kg | Previous 40kg | Increase 5kg

I am having trouble with the OHD as previously mentioned so I think I will try it @ 15kg till I have mastered the form, 37.5kg for squat was a push also, I may stick to that weight for a week or so.

I had booked in for 2 classes today but I didn’t manage to get to either. The first I slept through and the second I got the time wrong. Not sure if I will like the classes or not but I’m going to give them a try, I do want to do the functional classes though.

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