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So lets see, my mid July I will know whether I have passed my Health & Social Care degree or not and whether I go into nurse training.

SDK228 The science of the mind: investigating mental health

I’m not doing too great with this module (in fact not great with either module). I have 3 TMAs and 1 EMA. I need to pass with at least 40% overall on the TMAs to be able to submit my EMA (no exam here!).

TMA01 40%
TMA02 36%
TMA03 to submit

For TMA02 I didn’t actually submit the whole assignment, only the research table. I *think* I could have gotten 50% at least if I had.  TMA03 on the other hand I am so far liking. It’s all about addiction and we have 3 main questions broken down into sub-questions. I feel like I can get a good grade for this one and I’m actually doing the readying!

K311 Promoting public health: skills, perspectives and practice

This module is pretty boring. There were very few choices in modules, the only other one I could do I did last year. Any others were more work based so I couldn’t do them.

Marking is the same as for SDK228, the only difference is that I have 5 TMAs and 1 EMA.

TMA01 50%
TMA02 40%
TMA03 awaiting result
TMA04 to submit
TMA05 to submit

I haven’t even looked at TMA04 yet, I want to get TMA03 for SDK228 done first.

I just want this degree to be over with.

As for nurse training,I sent off my GCSE Math certificate to Southampton Uni as well as my OU referee details so I’m hoping that those two things are ticked off my list & all I need now is to pass my degree.

I have an interview at Surrey in March finally! I just need to get off my night shift the night before as I need to get a 6am train and my shifts doesn’t end til 8am! I’m not totally sure I want to got to Surrey, what with there no longer being any secondments, and the travel to uni being horrible, but placements will be so much better than at Southampton location wise.

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