Fitlab Worthing

Evolve Lab - Strength SPIN CLASS Evolve Lab - HIIT The first part of "Health 2020" is to join a new studio in Worthing. The cost is currently 50% off…

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Making a better me

A new gym opened up near me recently so I decided to join. It's not my nearest gym but it is a near strength gym with little cardio equipment and…

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My continued weight loss

My dates don't all correspond to a Monday and I don't always way in each week. Up to the beginning of May 2019 I have lost 4.6lbs, not a lot…

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Getting back on it…

So I totally suck at this blogging thing. I have started to see where I want to be in the future and I'm looking forward to becoming a nurse in…

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Stronglift 5×5 week 2 – day 1

Today (Monday) was the start of week 2 on Stronglifts 5x5. SQUAT Current 37.5kg | Previous 35kg | Increase 2.5kg OVERHEAD PRESS Current 20kg | Previous 20kg | Increase 0kg…

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RAF Reserve Squadron 4626

So some of you may know I have talked about joining the Army reserves. That has been mainly in part to location. I live on the south coast and there…

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2.64 miles walked

You might wonder why I cut the top left hand corner on my walk/run. Well that is a parade of shops and I like to avoid as many people as…

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