Debt pay off – 2 year plan!

I have started to trial . It can sync to YNAB, though I don't think all the features on undebt was this way (balances change but due date is…

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The struggle goes on

It would appear that I don't have enough money to cover all bills for January!!! Between now & 1st Janaury I have the following things going on: Xmas drinksBoxing day…

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So I had a meltdown as at Christmas event on Sunday. I don't know what really went on I don't remember much of it. One min I'm having a great…

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My finances laid bare

What can I say about my finances, other than they can only improve from this point forward. I have a few different strategies for certain debts: statute-barred; repayment; DMP. I…

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How to pick the right gym

Have you ever joined a gym only to go a few times. Have you ever joined without really checking the gym out. If so you are not alone, many people…

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