Quitting my journey – I failed yet again

I think it’s getting to the point that I should just give up or at least live right next door to a gym. The closest one to me is a 5 min walk away but it so basic it’s bad.

I ended up stopping going to Elevate Fitness. The cost and travel there wasn’t for me. I still contemplate returning to Crossfit but again it’s the cost and the booking of sessions etc.

At the same time as joining Elevate Fitness, I joined another gym. This gym is cheap, a short-ish walk away and is very much weights over cardio

See the source image

It is actually a boxing gym, with some cardio machine & the mat area being with the boxing ring. I am going later in the day too. This means there very few people there.

I’m going to try to stick to a routine once I am back from my annual leave. I’ve said that before though.

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