Stronglift 5×5 week 2 – day 3 + Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer – Phase 1 Day 2

This going to the gym early thing is really paying off!


Current 42kg | Previous 40kg | Increase 2kg


Current 15kg | Previous 20kg | Increase -5kg


Current 50kg | Previous 40kg | Increase 10kg

I didn’t think I would increase my squat weight to begin with. I did the warm up sets than the 1st of the five sets @40kg. Feeling good I upped it to 42kg and managed to go the other four sets! I also used the fixed weight bar for the OHP. I was able to work on form and will up it to 20kg next time to prefect my form before moving on to the olympic bar.

I completed with workout right after Stronglifts. I did all exercises on day 2 and started with light weights.

For the Standing Cable Curl, the gym doesn’t the the correct bar. I used the rope attachment this time round but I think from now on I’ll just do barbell curls instead. By the time I was doing the cable exercises I had the gym to myself!

Starting to work out the best times to workout, I couldn’t do all this in a busy gym. I used to be terrified about not knowing what I was doing, how to use the machines, and having people look at me. Now I make sure I check out videos online first and basically ignore everyone else working out.

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