Stronglift 5×5

I have now completed my first week of this programme. I have been doing my own version of this on & off throughout 2016, always removing barbell row. I have always hated that exercise, I have before now being doing the following:

I couldn’t stand that variation, it felt funny and wrong. In fact it wasn’t wrong, it was still a bent over barbell row, but it was Yates Row. Now I have started using the correct form, a Pendlay Row:

I actually quiet like this exercise now. You start and end each rep on the floor like a deadlift. With the Yates Row you had the weight handing in the air between reps.

Weight as of 11/02/17

Squat 35kg
Bench press 30kg
Deadlift 40kg
Bent over row 20kg
OHP 20kg

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