Weight series: A truthful weigh-in

So I have been struggling to lose weight since around 2013, it has generally been my fault that nothing has really changed since then, mainly down to my complete laziness…

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Fitlab Worthing

Evolve Lab - Strength SPIN CLASS Evolve Lab - HIIT The first part of "Health 2020" is to join a new studio in Worthing. The cost is currently 50% off…

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Body scan results

On Monday I went to my very first CrossFit class but first I had my body scan done. According to the scan, I am 89.4 kg (197 lb) with a…

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First time doing the Clean

My last 1-2-1 I worked on the Hang/Power Clean move. First using a dowl to work to break down the movement then onto a 7.5kg training barbell then to a…

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Starting my Crossfit journey

I've taken the plunge and joined my local Crossfit box. Looking forward to seeing my progress not just in weight loss but in strength too. I have currently gone for…

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