Workout day 1

I am now a member of 2 gyms. An amazing new one that has everything & more but is a bus journey awaiting and a local one 5 mins away…

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Back to the gym…

I was at the gym at 6am today. The above picture is pretty much what it was like at that hour, including the cleaner! I was the only one working…

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Fridays workout

So instead of doing an extra shift yesterday I decided to go to the gym :) Back, bicep and forearm workout Treadmill 5min @ 5.5 mph Incline Dumbbell Curl 8…

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Today’s workout

This photo really does show me how much I really do have to lose! I actually made it to the gym today AND enjoyed it! Workout shoulders & legs Treadmill…

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Weekly workouts

Today I went out for another run. I managed 3.5 miles in 44 min. I ran for 10min then walked for 1min rested 1 min then repeated sort of. I…

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Today’s exercise

1 mile warm up barbell squat 1×8 – 20kg, 2×8 – 30kg dumbbell press 1×8 – 5kg each, 3x8 - 7.5kg each dumbbell front rise 2 x 8 rep –…

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Getting stuck into exercise

I love reading blogs about people pushing themselves, working out and getting a sweat on I wish I was like that, I really do. I think if I had a…

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Working out

I am such a loser at all this workout stuff. I have only been to the gym once this week and I haven't run at all :( Friday I was…

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