Where am I going….

The 18th December will be two years since I joined the NMC register and got my pin. Two years since I qualified and I haven't learnt anything clinical in that…

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I’m really struggling right now

I haven't had the best of times these past few years since qualifying as a nurse December 2020. I was redeployed twice within the first month and subsequently moved on…

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Life at 40

So I turned 40 last Sunday, this past year has been bluh and I am determined to make changes going forward. My life consists of working the night shift, being…

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Life update – nursing

So what has been happening since the last update Job So I left uni with a job on a private unit with the local NHS hospital. This unit had been…

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Nursing degree update

So it's been a while since I updated anything on here and been even longer since I wrote anything about my nurse training. I got so caught up in the…

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Debt pay off – 2 year plan!

I have started to trial undebt.it . It can sync to YNAB, though I don't think all the features on undebt was this way (balances change but due date is…

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