Today’s exercise


1 mile warm up

barbell squat 1×8 – 20kg, 2×8 – 30kg
dumbbell press 1×8 – 5kg each, 3×8 – 7.5kg each
dumbbell front rise 2 x 8 rep – 5kg each
dumbbell lat rise 2 x 8 rep – 5kg each
dumbbell curl x 8 rep – 7.5kg each

30s plank
knee push-up x 8
dip x8
1min plank

3km bike

I noticed something at the gym today. There was a session going on and the trainer was getting the two ladies to do squats. Neither had ever done them before (I think) so one of them was hardly ‘squating’ at all the other was around parallel, they were working up to their max so using more weight than me (I need to squat heavier) but the issue was that the trainer had set up the pins and bar outside the power rack, therefore there being no safety bars, but he was having them walk backwards to the bar to rack/un-rack. Now I was always told never to do it that way, you are in affect racking blind. It’s not the first time I’ve seen them done this way at this gym.

EDIT: I have no issue with setting up outside a power rack, it’s mainly the racking blind part. The trainer was also using his arms as the safety bars – WTF! Glad neither failed a squat!

I didn’t end up going to the gym after work on Tuesday so I only worked out twice this week. I will however be going for a run Sunday morning. I do hope I do more than 2 miles this time

In uni news I got my funding through for my next two courses and only have to pay £20 towards them myself.

I also got an increase in on my Aqua card.

My current weight

2015-07-17 17.56.11

The scale is all over the place at the moment, at one point it read 156.9lbs, yesterday it read 155.2lbs.

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