Fridays workout

So instead of doing an extra shift yesterday I decided to go to the gym 🙂

Back, bicep and forearm workout

Treadmill 5min @ 5.5 mph
Incline Dumbbell Curl 8 x 4kg | 8 x 4kg | 8 x 4kg ⇔
Barbell Deadlift 6 x 20kg | 6 x 20kg | 6 x 20kg ⇓ 20kg (due to using fixed weighted bar)
Barbell Curl 8 x 20kg | 8 x 20kg | 8 x 20kg ⇓ 10kg (due to using fixed weighted bar)
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 8 x 4kg | 8 x 4kg | 8 x 4kg
Dumbbell Front Raise 8 x 8kg | 8 X 8kg | 8 x 8kg
Alternative Hammer Curl 8 x 4kg | 8 x 4kg | 8 x 4kg | 8 x 7kg ⇑ 2kg
Lat Pull Down 8 x 44 | 8 x 66lb | 8 x 66lb
Assisted Pull Up 6 x 55kg | 5 x 55kg | 3 x 55kg ⇓ 50-10kg
Cross trainer 1km in 6 min

I am having such an issue with deadlifts, I just can’t get the back position right. It didn’t help that I was using a fixed weight bar rather than a bar plus weights. I shall remember to use them next time as the plates give it a little lift of the floor so I don’t need to hold it all the time.

With the assisted pull up machine the idea is to eventually pull up your whole body weight so the less you use the better.

I increased some weights but decreased others.

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