Back to the gym…

I was at the gym at 6am today. The above picture is pretty much what it was like at that hour, including the cleaner! I was the only one working out for the first 1/2 hr.

I spent pretty much all my time with the above equipment which was great. I was able to figure out how to arrange the fittings to suit me and the mirror really helped me with my form.

I did the following routine:

Bench press 5 x 20kg | 5 x 30kg | 5 x 30kg |  5 x 30kg |  5 x 30kg
Deadlift 5 x 30kg |  5 x 30kg | 5 x 32.5kg | 5 x 32.5kg | 5 x 32.5kg
Squat 5 x 20kg | 5 x 22.5kg | 5 x 22.5kg | 5 x 30kg | 5 x 30kg
0.5 mile run
Assisted pull up

I’ve actually increase my bench and deadlift since the last time I did them. I am ‘sort of’ doing Strong Lift 5×5, I’m just not doing bent over rows or increasing my weight each workout. I ‘think’ I’m not doing enough sets, I’m probably missing out/including my warm up sets in my 5 sets. I shall have a read up and see if there are any errors I’m making.

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