Working out

I am such a loser at all this workout stuff. I have only been to the gym once this week and I haven’t run at all ūüôĀ

Friday I was meant to do both but Kieth was up all night being sick, it was raining hard when I got up so couldn’t run and I felt totally exhausted from working two 12.5hr shifts in a row plus having a horrible cold, that I just couldn’t face the gym. This is getting stupid and I need to really change my thinking.

I have decided to join a 2nd gym so I can use a treadmill on rainy morning or days I just can’t face getting up early. I will also use their weight machines plus they have a rope machine that I like the look of:

I am thinking of joining on the 27th (once I’m paid) and then I can get a run in 4 times a week as well as a session 2-3 times a week at the other gym. This is the cheapest gym I could find plus its a 4 min walk from my house ūüôā

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