Getting stuck into exercise

I love reading blogs about people pushing themselves, working out and getting a sweat on I wish I was like that, I really do. I think if I had a set working pattern it would be easier.

At present I do no exercise on work days as I work 12.5hr shifts. I also don’t go to the gym at weekends I see it as time with Keith.

My gym has classes where you just show up no booking needed, at present they aren’t popular I think due to the gym being new. I’d hate to see the time when 20 people show up to class as there isn’t a studio for classes they happen either outside or in the actual gym.  Okay when you are using a cardio machine or power rack, not so good when you want to use the floor space yourself.  I haven’t seen more than 6 people in the gym at one time so far, I try not to go at busy times anyways.

am seriously thinking of taking on some of the classes as an add on to my regular routine (power rack/treadmill).

classes1 classes2 classes3

As you can see most classes I like are either 6am or 9:30am. I’m also thinking of running to the gym but I need to think of how I will carried my things with me – phone, spray, money etc. I’m thinking of maybe taking a class, then doing my strength/running routine. Maybe a workout in the evening.

I need someone to sort me out a workout routine.

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