My continued weight loss

My dates don't all correspond to a Monday and I don't always way in each week. Up to the beginning of May 2019 I have lost 4.6lbs, not a lot…

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Calories while on holiday

I travel to the airport tomorrow (Tuesday) and fly out to Charlotte NC on Wednesday. While on holiday I aim to count my calories everyday and produce a post once…

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Calories in calories out

Burn more than you eat and you lose weight - science - simple as that! As you can see from my data above I went over my TDEE (CI) twice…

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TDEE for May 2016

To lose weight all that counts in CICO (calories in v calories out), this is different for everyone due to height, weight, medication, illness etc. From the image above you…

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Weekly exercise + weight

Actually it will be 2 weeks as I missed this post last week. Sunday – ran 3.5 miles in 44 min then worked a 12.5 hr night shift | 2852…

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Food – 28/7/2015

What I ate yesterday So I'm getting better with my food on work days, I no longer have chicken & rice but spinach, veg and chicken. I need to stay…

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