TDEE for May 2016

calories may 2016

To lose weight all that counts in CICO (calories in v calories out), this is different for everyone due to height, weight, medication, illness etc.

From the image above you can see that I wasn’t consistent in my calories burns. My average TDEE for May was 2305 (71470/31) but as I didn’t lose weight I was eating that or more most days.

To say that I wasn’t very active in May just shows that for me it is easy to burn calories even without really thinking about needing to go to the gym. It helps that I can burn up to 3000 calories an a work day alone.

It also shows that my BMR is around 1500 (lowest day was 1586).

For April my TDEE averaged to be 2399. 1st Jan to 31st May it is 2317 so I should be able to take 2300 as my TDEE and subtract 500 from that. I should be able to eat 1800 each day and lose weight (even if somedays are over this), as long as my monthly average is 1800 or below. As I haven’t be losing then I have been eating 1800 or above on¬† average ūüôĀ

I haven’t really be tracking my calories in but I hope to do so for the whole of June then I can make a much better compassion.

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