Holiday experiment update…

I have now been back 13 days and have only now gotten the time to write this post

Days 1-6

So I was either way over or way under on these days. Day 1 I was traveling west so gain extra hours. All but one of these days my calorie goal was over 2000. We did lots of walking but also lots of drinking ūüėČ

Calorie goal 14929 | Calories consumed -46 (14975)  | TDEE -1364 (16334)

Days 7-12

These 6 days I was under my calorie goal for most of the time!

Calorie goal 18326 | Calories consumed -4048 (14276)  | TDEE -5471 (19747)

Days 13-15

The last three days of an amazing holiday. The last day was traveling east therefore losing hours, surprised I managed to stay under budget.

Calorie goal 7020 | Calories consumed -265 (6971)  | TDEE -768 (7739)

I ate crap all holiday, the only veg I had was in my burgers. I started the holiday at 179.7lbs, I ended the holiday at 179.8lbs. No real gain or loss. Going on this, I think I was off on my logging as going by the figures I should have lost 2lbs. I’m happy that I didn’t really gain anything though.

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