Struggle with the OHP

My workout this afternoon called for OHP 5×5 @20kg. Before today I have never been able to do this with an olympic barbell only with a fixed weighed barbell at a lower weight.

This time round I attempted one rep after doing my squats and thought I’d have to go back to the fixed weight barbell but I persisted and I managed to do the full 5×5 @20kg! I don’t feel my form was on point as I didn’t lock my arms but I do feel that I have improved.

The gym was relatively quiet when I got there. The rack had plates on it so I asked the one guy near by if he was still using it and he wasn’t. He helped me de-rack and set me up for squats, he was very helpful and gave me pointers. Once I had started more people arrived, some coming over to the weights area. One guy came over to go his routine but kept looking over. half assing he’s exercises. I wasn’t sure if it was because he wanted the rack (there was another one), a lady was in the ‘guys’ area, he was impressed, I was going it all wrong or that I was fat. Either way I just carried on.

I was going to go on the bike but there is only one up-right bike, one recumbent bike, and multiple spin bikes. Someone was using the biked I wanted so I just ended by workout there.


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