Weekly exercise – week 2

On Monday I ran 4 miles. I had never run that far before, I think I can go further though and I aim to increase the distance by 0.5 mile each run.

Tuesday was strength training.

5 min row
Squat 4×8 – 20kg bar (olympic bar)OHP 4×8 – 10kg fixed bar
Curls 4×8 – 10kg fixed bar
Bench press 4×8 – 15kg fixed bar
0.5 mile run

Thursday was strength training also

500 meter row
Squat 4×8 – 20kg bar (olympic bar)
Bench press 4×8 – 20kg bar (olympic bar)
OHP 4×8 – 10kg fixed bar
Curls 4×8 – 10kg fixed bar

Last week I didn’t think I could bench press the olympic bar but on Thursday the power rack was all set up for bench press so I thought I might as well give it a go, and I managed it! Don’t think I can OHP it yet. In a few more weeks I will look at increasing weight.

I had a guy actually waiting to use the rack on Thursday ūüėČ He squats strangely though. I was always told to face the bar, dip under, raise bar and step back. He has his back to the bar, lifts bar and walks forward! He also doesn’t squat that low but heavy.

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