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20-29 June

Monday = rain day
Tuesday = parents go home CHECK | am interview CANCELLED | gym session CHECK HERE | Drs FORGOT
Wednesday = treadmill run | gym session | treadmill run MISSED THE GYM
Thursday = treadmill run | gym session | 12.5hr shift night shift CHECK
Friday = treadmill run | Body balance class | Fitness pilates class MISSED THE GYM
Saturday = 12.5hr shift CHECK
Sunday =  12.5hr night shift CHECK

Yeah didn’t make it to the gym much this week. Not much of a fitness week. I did however do the following on both Wednesday & Friday:

Deadlift 6×16.5kg | 6×16.5kg | 6×16.5kg
Barbell curl 6×16.5kg | 6×16.5kg | 6×16.5kg
Bodyweight squat 3×10

Finally making use of my barbell.

This weeks activities 27-03 July

Monday treadmill run | gym session | Bodybalance class | treadmill run | 12.5 hr night shift
Tuesday treadmill run | gym session | Bodybalance class | circuit training | treadmill run |
Wednesday 12.5hr day shift
Thursday 12.5hr day shift
Friday 12.5hr day shift
Saturday am tennis lesson
Sunday rest day

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