Which uni to go to?

It has transpired that there will no longer be any salaried secondment places from September 2017. Due to this I now have no intention of waiting for a place from Surrey Uni. I now only have Southampton and The Open Uni. Southampton is full time over 3 years & The Open Uni is part time over 4 years. It really comes down to finances.

With Southampton I would be eligible for a maintenance loan of £8430 for each year. That would mean over 12 months I’d get £702.50 a month and need to do 6 bank shifts a month to make my income £2000 (including OH’s money).

With The Open Uni I would still be eligible for the NHS bursary (2018 students onwards take out the loan). This would be £4,118.25 making it £343 a month! I’d have to pretty much work full time to be able to pay my bills etc.

I had contemplated The Open Uni, in respect to placements & travel cost being less, but I just wouldn’t know how to study, be on placement & work enough to make ends meet.

I ‘may’ look at clearing places for Portsmouth & Brighton but I am actually happen about Southampton, I just don’t like the idea of £250 travel costs a month.

While writing this post I’ve already answered my question of where I should go, Southampton, and looked at my budget to bring it down to £1800.

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