09/06 workout

So I went to the gym right after work this afternoon. I hoped to play around with the power rack, to sort out positioning, weight etc and thankfully no-one else was using it 🙂

I sorted out the positioning for squats and did 4×8 with just the bar (20kg). I was unable to lift the bar for overhead press so resorted to a fixed bar at 10kg and I did 4×8. For curls I went with the 10kg fixed bar and did 4×8. For deadlift I used the bar (20kg) + 2x5kg plates for a total of 30kgs, I did 4×8 of these also. I didn’t do bench press or bent over row this time round.

My workout routine should be as follows:

Squats (4 sets)
Bench press (4 sets)
Deadlift (4 sets)
Overhead press (4 sets)
Curls (2 sets)
Bent over rows (4 sets)

1st week = 8 reps
2nd week = 9 reps
3rd week = 10 reps
4th week = 11 reps
5th week = 12 reps

increase weight by 10% and repeat.

I’m going to follow a lose example of this. Still feel embarrassed using the rack & the trainers just stare but at least th

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