How to pick the right gym

Have you ever joined a gym only to go a few times. Have you ever joined without really checking the gym out. If so you are not alone, many people including myself have done the same.

Below are tips to check out before you join another gym


When are you likely to workout? If it’s before or after work try looking for a gym in that area. If it’s in the evenings/weekends/days off then one more local to home would be ideal.  For me I want to be able to walk there & back and not have the trouble of transport and additional costs.


What type of workout are you looking to do. Do you need cardio equipment (treadmill, bike, cross trainer) or is it barbells and power racks. There is no point joining a gym that doesn’t have what you need.


Do you need big modern changing rooms, steam room, pool etc or do you just need somewhere to freshen up afterwards. For me I don’t need all the ‘extras’, I rarely change after a workout before going home.


Do you have a tight budget to stick to. If you’re like me then the cheaper the better. I’ve tried many different priced gyms and have found that they all differ. I have found that the health club type gyms can be good, but they are pricey,  busy and just didn’t offer all the equipment I need.


Are you looking to join in classes or are you like me who just thinks she will but never does. Try to find a place that includes classes in the membership price as they can add up quickly if extra.

Opening times

The best thing to do is work out a weekly schedule. Find out what spare time you have, it is best to stick to the same time each week to get into a routine. Some gyms are open 24hrs others from 8am-10pm. I’ve always liked working out before 6am as the gym is pretty empty then and I can do what I like 😉 Ask the gym what their busy hrs are and try to stay away from them.


Do you want a ladies only gym, a boxing gym, crossfit gym, body building gym or an all around-er?  The ‘ladies’ gym near me is a circuit gym so is a no no, crossfit is too expensive and boxing gyms are just not for me. I look for somewhere that has cardio equipment as well as a great free weights section. It doesn’t matter to me who trains there. The general ‘mans’ zone (free weights) isn’t really that anymore and you will find many ladies in there training. Plus everyone just gets on with their workout and doesn’t care about you.

To find the perfect gym, don’t be afraid to ask questions, use a free pass and see it first hand before handing over your money.

Comment below which your experiences of finding a gym

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