A new me…

The start of a new month, a re-start for me! Today I weigh in at 151.9lbs in fact I have been 151 going on 2 weeks.

My measurements are:

Chest – 38cm
Waist –40cm
Stomach – 45cm
Left arm – 14cm
Right arm – 13cm
Hips – 44cm
Left thigh – 27.5cm
Right thigh – 27cm
Left wrist – 6.5cm
right wrist – 6.5cm
Neck – 14cm
Calf – 18cm

I sometimes doubt that I have in fact lost over 40lb as my measurements don’t seem to reflect that. I shall do weight updates each week and measure updates each month. I shall also being doing a post each Sunday on what I shall be doing in the coming week and reflecting on the past week.

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