Body scan results

On Monday I went to my very first CrossFit class but first I had my body scan done. According to the scan, I am 89.4 kg (197 lb) with a…

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Weights & measure – June 2016

Weight - 152.2lb ⇑ 0.3lb Chest – 38cm ⇔no change Waist –40cm ⇓ 1cm Stomach – 45cm ⇓ 2cm Left arm – 14.5cm ⇑ 0.5cm Right arm – 13cm ⇔no change Hips…

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A new me…

The start of a new month, a re-start for me! Today I weigh in at 151.9lbs in fact I have been 151 going on 2 weeks. My measurements are: Chest…

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