My love of Fitbit


The above picture is why I love Fitbit. The one of the right I purchased on 28th Feb 2016 the one on the left is the replacement fitbit sent me that arrived today.

*Now the reason for this replacement and the issues people have, could actually be a reason for me NOT to like them*

Considering that I have only had my original Fitbit for 3 months, it wasn’t a good sign when I noticed that the band was coming away from the watch face ūüôĀ After having heard people being successful in getting replacements from Fitbit in the past, I thought I might as well give it a go, I had nothing to lose. My first email was sent on 22nd May and it took 1.5 weeks from that first email for my replacement to arrive. I would say anyone who has an issue with a Fitbit product to go to them for help & support. I couldn’t have asked for more really, they could have said no especially as I only had my bank statement and no receipt.

I do have a feeling that the band on the replacement will go the same way as my original at some point though, it does appear to be loose.

Once again THANK YOU Fitbit!

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