Weights & measures September 2016

Changes since 6th July 2016

Weight – 178.1lb ⇓ 11lb
Body fat – 36.8% ⇓ 0.4%

Chest – 38in ⇔no change
Waist –38in ⇓ 2in
Stomach – 41.5in ⇓ 3.5in
Left arm – 14in ⇓ 0.5in
Right arm – 13in ⇔no change
Hips – 42in ⇓ 2in
Left thigh – 26in ⇓ 1.5in
Right thigh – 25.5in ⇓ 1.5in
Left wrist – 6.5in ⇔no change
right wrist – 6.5in ⇔no change
Neck – 14cm ⇔no change
Calf – 17cm ⇓ 1cm

weight sept 2016


Yes I know that I included 2 left sided photos in August, I just can’t find the correct one, also cant find any July 2016 photos.

The difference is only 3.7lbs and I don’t see much of a difference. The main areas are my waist is getting smaller and my ‘love handles’ are getting bigger. My legs look horrible in the most recent photos 🙁 I’ve never noticed till now how odd my shoulders are!

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