Wish me look for Thursday as I have my exam for my ‘Adulthood, ageing, and the life course’ module. I am currently sitting on a 2.2 degree classification so I need 55% to maintain this. I’d be happy with a 3rd though as I’m not sure I’m going to do anything with this degree once completed, I wouldn’t though be able to take the PGDip Nursing degree ūüôĀ or any post grad degree for that matter unless I stay with the OU. I’m not looking at graduate entry scheme or anything of that nature but I’d like to study something else after this if is isn’t nursing.

I have to confess that I haven’t done that much revision. I am sort of going to use my work experiences to answer the questions. I understand each study block so I think I should be ok. If I fail I can at least resit it.

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