Yes the title is crap and yes I prob spelt it wrong but I don’t care 🙂

While I actually really like my work, the lack of training while everyone else gets it is getting to me. I have managed to send of my form for my NVQ level 3, I have to just wait and see if I get it. I did this off my own back, I went to see the lady in the practice & development department, I filling in the forms, all my boss had to do was sign it. Thankfully he did on Monday.

I never heard back form that great job I had an interview for 🙁 but I do have another interview on 3rd August, lets see how that one turns out.

I owe hours at work and I just need to sort them out, no way am I working a 5 day week next week!

Today’s exercise


Dumbbell front rise – 4×8 – 5kg
Dumbbell lat rise – 4×8 – 5kg
Dumbbell curl – 4×8 – 7kg
Squat – 1×8 – 20kg, 1×8 – 30kg, 1×8 – 40kg, 1×5 – 40kg
Bench press – 4×8 – 20kg
1 min plank


One thing I am adding to the site is including what I have eaten the day before. So for 21/07/2105 I ate:


So that’s 1285 calories for the day 🙂

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