So far today I have had a salad (441 calories) + protein bar (206 calories). A short time ago I was still feeling hungry so I ended up finishing of the spicy mexican chicken sandwich filler (162 calories). This could be due to the fact that I have already burnt 1996 calories and it’s only 15:11pm!

I am trying really hard with my food choices, I’m aiming to eat less processed foods. I shall be documenting on here what I eat each day to stay accountable.

In other news I may be doing another training course at work. I already have a level 2 NVQ, this was a few years ago and the qualifications have changed since then. They are not NVQs anymore, more like apprenticeships, if I manage to get on the course it will take a year & is all online. It’s a practical course. I just need to get my manager to sign the form for me.  Apparently hes been in touch with the practice & development lady I saw today about wanting someone to do the level 3, I wonder who that was as it wasn’t me. I hope to get him to sign my form this week.

In running/racing news. I am planning on signing up for a local 10k on 39th August and then a 1/2 marathon on 4th October, before my marathon on 28th November.

Update: I had  901 calories for dinner + 300 calories in ales 🙂 I have a net of 984 though so it hasn’t been too bad.

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