My continued weight loss

My dates don't all correspond to a Monday and I don't always way in each week. Up to the beginning of May 2019 I have lost 4.6lbs, not a lot…

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My new gym

I joined Anytime Fitness a few days ago. It hasn't even been build yet, the building still looks like this: The unit doesn't look very big to be honest. I…

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2.64 miles walked

You might wonder why I cut the top left hand corner on my walk/run. Well that is a parade of shops and I like to avoid as many people as…

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The run that never was

So I had plans this morning to go out for another run, my body had other ideas when I awoke so I have stayed close to the bath room all…

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My weight one week on…

As of today I am now 181.7lbs down 0.2lbs this week. On Saturday however I was 179.5lb and my trend weight is 181.6lb! I've done little to no exercise this…

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