A weekly shop for work…

  So I did my weekly food shop for work today (4 shifts Wed-Wed) and it only came to £10.77. I didn't need to buy my tinned mackeral though and…

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Fruits + vegetables

I am really not a 'healthy' eater. I like the boring stuff, root veg makes me sick (except potatoes + carrots) and I hate nuts!! I don't like smoothies or…

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Food – 28/7/2015

What I ate yesterday So I'm getting better with my food on work days, I no longer have chicken & rice but spinach, veg and chicken. I need to stay…

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2015 races so far

30th August 2015: Yes so I have actually booked my first ever race! A 10k hilly as fuck race. 4th October 2015: I thankfully can get there & back in…

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Yes the title is crap and yes I prob spelt it wrong but I don't care :) While I actually really like my work, the lack of training while everyone…

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It’s that time of year

So I have no idea why I wrote the title to this post. I started up a draft  a week ago but didn't include any post details, so now I…

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