The Worthing Lions Festival 2015


So we have a 2 week festival put on my Lions Club International. This happens every year and it is the 2nd year that we are actually living down here for it rather than just coming down for the weekend.

The fun fair is in town from 17th July to 2nd August. There are also charity markets and food stalls along the front. We love taking a look and getting some food.
18th July saw the concert/garden party. We didn’t go, we could just hear it from our flat. There is a bike & classic car display on 25th July, we shall have a little look, I think that day is reserved for the beer & cider festival at the country pub :). The 27th is the main American car show, this is our main attraction of the festival as well as the bus rally the other side of town.

I made sure to book the weekend off ūüėČ I do however have a 5 day work week next week which I have to sort out as no way am I working 5 12.5hr shifts in one week. I owe hours apparently but I’d rather do more 4 day weeks to make the hours up.

In other news we went to the local cheap pub for dinner before I went to work. Before that we had a walk by the sea and saw The Ace Tones perform in the Lindo (open air stage), they are a rock & rock, rockabilly group who we have seen a few times now.

I didn’t make it to the gym this morning after my night shifts, I had all the intentions to but I left work without my water bottle and there was no way I was working out without it. I am so shattered working nights I really need to get some sleep leading up to the shift but I don’t sleep well during the day. Luckily I only do 1 or 2 shifts a month.



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