Where am I going….

The 18th December will be two years since I joined the NMC register and got my pin. Two years since I qualified and I haven't learnt anything clinical in that…

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I’m really struggling right now

I haven't had the best of times these past few years since qualifying as a nurse December 2020. I was redeployed twice within the first month and subsequently moved on…

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Life update – nursing

So what has been happening since the last update Job So I left uni with a job on a private unit with the local NHS hospital. This unit had been…

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Degree update

The mad rush of essays and exams have started. Engaging Service Improvement poster presentation: 16th October 2019Engaging Service Improvement essay: 21st October 2019Evidence Based Practice project plan: 4th November 2019Evidence…

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My time at uni so far….

I have been at uni for 4 months now so feel it's about time for an update. Our first week there for all induction, info on course + modules +…

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I got into uni!

After weeks of wondering  and emails to uni, I finally today got the news I was waiting for...I got my uni confirmation that I will be going to uni in…

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Update on studies

Results were released last Tuesday, there were not good. I knew I had failed K311 as I didn't get the required 40% for the OCAS. The result for SDK228 was/is…

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Which uni to go to?

It has transpired that there will no longer be any salaried secondment places from September 2017. Due to this I now have no intention of waiting for a place from…

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The nurse training interview

I am looking to start my nurse training within the next two years. Yesterday I had my day one interview for the Open Uni, a 4.5 year online nurse degree.…

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