Why I changed my hours

What were my hours and what are they now

I work long hours but few days. Each shift is generally 12.5hrs long over a day or a night, there are also 6 hour half day shifts but not many people do these. I was (or am till 11th September) working 13 shifts a month, so each month I would have 3 weeks of 3 shifts and 1 week of 4 shifts. Sounds great but I never felt I really had much time off, especially going for day to night or night to day.

From 11th September I have cut my shifts down to 2 a week so only 8 a month. I will be working nights or weekends so that I can maximise my unsocial hours and get the best income that I can.

So why have I done this

Basically so I can get my life back, so I can get more flexibility. I am able to request 6 of the 8 shifts and have asked for my last 2 to either be any night or Saturday day (already requested Sunday days for those weeks). I know that I am not able to survive on this income but I now that this is the right way to go. It will also set me up for when I start uni in Feb 2018 as I plan to either say on 2 days a week or drop to 1 day a week so that I have a quarantined income.

What about my debts

With these changes I still have to find around £400 a month. This isn’t impossible but it isn’t easy, I will still be doing 13 shifts a month maybe even 16 but it will be when I want and what I want.

I could have just stayed with my main job full time but I am changing the way to manage my bank account and debts. Doing this way is much better for my mind.

My main wage will be going into my main bank account and will cover household bills as well as a little savings. My bank wage will be going into a secondary bank account to cover all debts. I am currently only paying the minimums on each but aim to pay more off one till it’s gone then move onto another. My main aim is to pay off my credit cards before I go to uni, so in 5 months time. I currently have £1500 on credit cards.

Do you think I’m mad

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