Gym update

That’s right I’ve just gone and picked up my fob for the new gym that opens in 7 days! I hope it opens in 7 days, there is still some work to do. I’m not sure what time it will open or if there is any ‘opening’ event of some kind. I’m thinking of going around 11am that first day.

Going to look up how to use the type of power rack they have so I can go in there with convidence 🙂 will probably use the treadmill mostly till I get a better picture of the best time of day to go.

One thing a about the gym is that the windows aren’t frosted or one way, so anyone walking past will see my ft self running lol Doesn’t help it’s close to work and one colleague actually lives in the building.

Oh yeah we have started a 12 week weight loss group at work, that should be interesting!


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