Today’s session

Barbell squats:

1 set of 10 without weight then 4 sets of 10 with 5kg each side. I am terrible at squats, I can’t keep my chest up or back straight and my knees tend to go inwards. Today was better but I’m now finding that my upper arms (bicep/deltoid) are really stiff and that area gets sore quickly so my arms don’t want t move from the position above 🙁 I will have to work on this.

I also did the following:

Bicep curls (5kg x2) x 10
Dumbbell single arm kickback (3kg) x 10
Russian twists (5kg db) x 30

4 sets

Dumbbell side & front raises (5kg x2) x 10
Forgotten other exercises 🙁

3 sets

An exercise using a landmine and pulling to my chest with a resistance band. Basically the following equipment:

Tomorrow I’m off to join the other gym 🙂

In calorie news:

caloriesSo that’s an average of 2407 calories burnt a day last week. On average my intake has been 2056 per day so a 351 deficit.

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