A 5k run

I am really pushing myself with my running, I just have to push myself to get out and run! This is my fastest 5k to date, I know not fast compared to most people but I’m pleased with it.

It was a wet & cold run and I tried to run most of the whole 5k. I think I ran around 4k of it, much more than I’m used to.


1k – 6:47
2k – 8:58
3k – 7:55
4k – 8:27
5k – 7:43

Pace = 7:59 min/km or 12:50 min/mi

I have decided to change my membership at my strength gym to 2 sessions a week instead of unlimited as I am barely making 2 but throughout Feb I’ll only be able to make 2 a week at most. That way I be paying the same for both the gyms combined that I was paying for unlimited use at one gym.

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