I’d rather be drinking it…


At my latest session I was doing conditioning. That mean me doing shuttle runs. I¬†absolutely hate doing them, but that was with sand bags, this time I have beer barrels. I have 4 of them plus 2 sand bags and had to do 4 shuttle runs with 1 min rest in between. This wasn’t too bad, the first two barrels I could be with 1 hand, not that I did though, then they started to get heavier but not to a point where I couldn’t carry them or wanted to give up.

Then I was onto dumbbell burpees. I started standing up with 2 5kg dumbbells then I did a burpee with a few extras. I added a press-up (not everyone does these) and added a dumbbell lift to each side after the press-up. Once upright I did a dumbbell press and repeated everything 10 times. I did 3 sets of this.

Then I moved onto 1 min x 3 elbow planks using an exercise ball. I have 1 min rest between each plank. I found the first one easy but by the third one I was having to have rests ūüôĀ

I ended my session with doing seated trunk twists with plates

Imaging the above but replace the kettlebell with with barbell plates.

I had about 6 plates of either 10kg or 5kg weight and had to move them from one side to the other. Doing it one way then back counted as one set and I have to do 3. I was in no way able to keep my legs of the ground but I’m sure I will build to that.

I do feel that I am very week in some areas, my legs are strong but ask me to use my core etc to keep my legs up and I fail.

I love how everyone encourages each other and we can have a laugh. Yesterday was by far the busiest I have seen it, a full 8 people getting their sweat on, the max there can be at one session.

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