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I have to said I like my food and I am a ‘bored’ eater but I can be picky. My fave food is Mexican/Tex Mex followed my Asian. My eating habbits are crazy, I have no set plan, I just eat when I like & what I like.

I try for the following:

Work = none
Off work = none

Work = rice + chicken
Off work = soup/salad (loads of dressing + chicken)/cheese on toast/paella*/sandwich*/other*

Work = ready meal/fish & chips/quiche
Off work = jacket potato/pasta bake/roast/same as work days

*last min decision so off to Tesco.

I’d like to think that is all I’d eat for the day but no. On work days, I’d have a pack of crisps for my first break but I know I can’t just pick at things in the fridge so I have a good eating day. When I’m not at work I have ‘brunch’ or ‘anything I can find in the fridge’ – ham slices/cheese etc. I’ll just keep going to the fridge, I need to stop this ASAP.

I need to have a ‘plan’

Breakfast/morning snack = 10-11am. Crisps/chocolate (work), cheese string/veg + dip/fruit etc
Lunch = 14-15:00pm (work), 12-14:00pm (home)
Afternoon snack = 16:00pm. As norming snack
Dinner = 21:00pm (work).  18:00pm (home)
Calories = 1600 – 1900

It should also save me money as I’d do no trips to the shops for a quick fix.

Today’s exercise

1 mile warm up

dumbbell fly 4×8 – 5kg each
barbell squat 1×8 – 20kg, 2×8 – 30kg
bench press 4×8 – 20kg
deadlift 3×8 – 30kg fixed barbell

dumbbell front rise x 8 rep – 5kg each
dumbbell lat rise x 8 rep – 5kg each
dumbbell curl x 8 rep – 5kg each
30s rest between exercises, 30x rest between sets, 3 sets

30s plank
30s cobra
knee push-up x 8dip 2×8

I actually felt good about this workout. The power rack was in use at first so when it came free I jumped on it 😉 There were a few people working out and it didn’t bother me, in fact I think it helped.

I’d like to add step-up but the step the gym has isn’t very high and the boxes the gym has are soft ones I can only assume for box jumps. I should try that one day. On pay day I’m going to buy a pull up bar to use at home. The gym doesn’t have an assisted machine nor resistance band.

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