The Fitbit Zip v The Surge

I thought I was going to be doing a post on the huge difference in the data between the Zip and the Surge but then I realised that the Zip was set to km not miles.

Sunday 28th Feb data

The Surge compared to The Zip –

Steps: 11408 (Surge) 10376 (Zip) ⇑1032
Distance: 5.21 miles (Surge) 4.47 miles (Zip) ⇑0.74
Calories: 2133 (Surge) 1931 (Zip) ⇑202

So what should I make of this? There isn’t a great difference but is the difference too much? I always thought that the Surge would log more as it is worn on the wrist but surprisingly it isn’t a great difference like I thought it would be. Calories are the main thing that I watch out for, as long as I stay 500 calories below my daily burn I should be just fine 🙂

Run data from today –

run1 run2 run3

I’m really liking this activity data, I didn’t really use it much before but as the Surge is both my activity watch and my running watch this is main area now I wont be using the Garmin. I like the heart rate zone section as well as the ‘impact on your day’ section.


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