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So I bought the Fitbit Surge yesterday, so today will be my first full day 0f data.

Right to set the Surge up isn’t as easy as it is with the other Fitbit models. Most people now will have Windows 10, if they don’t use a Mac, Windows 10 has it’s own Fitbit App. I have it on my computer but haven’t been using it til now, I have just been using Fitbit Connect. Don’t use the Windows 10 app as it doesn’t work with the Surge, use the Connect. You need to turn the Surge on and connect it via the USB cable as the battery is too long for the update that is required. Now if you use the Connect from the start you should be up and running in no time, me I left it ‘charging’ over night as I couldn’t do anything with it as I was trying to use the wrong app! A code will be sent to the Surge with you enter online and then follow onscreen instructions to update and add the Surge to your account.

Now that I have it up and running I am so far loving it, the data appear to be off in some area when I compare it to my zip, we will see what it’s like tomorrow after a full days worth of data. So far the calorie count is within a 50 calorie different range 🙂

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