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I have been using a fitness tracker since 2013. I haven’t tried they all but I know what I like and that is Fitbit!

I wanted to be able to view data on the device and for it to link to MFP. I also needed something that I didn’t need to wear on my wrist as I work in a hospital and we aren’t allowed to wear anything below our elbows.

I started out with the zip which got washed twice before it needed replacing. So far I have had 3 zips & 1 one. I can’t remember the exact order but I know when I first moved to Worthing I washed a zip by accident and decided to get the one, when I lost that while in Washington DC, I eventually moved back to the zip as I didn’t really care for the sleep or steps function.

For a while between devices I used my Garmin F15 watch. At first it was good and gave me similar data to my Fitbits and I liked the app but I kept going back to the Fitbit app even without a device. The ‘activity’ calories were just off and I have the aria scale anyways.

I currently have the funky pink zip but this weekend I am going to get the surge! I know it’s worn on the wrist but after using my Garmin for sometime I know that it will still pick up steps etc in my pocket. I will continue to wear my zip to compare data, especially on work days.

One reason to get this it so I don’t need anything else for my runs. I can just wear this and not have to worry about taking my Garmin to the gym or outside for a run. This devices has GPS (the Blaze doesn’t) and you can track different exercises.

I see it as a combined Fitbit & running watching and supports all my needs.

The Fitbit website & app are so easy to navigate and show as much data as you’ll ever need. I have even paid for a 2nd year of premium as I love data & reports 🙂

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