The nurse training interview

I am looking to start my nurse training within the next two years. Yesterday I had my day one interview for the Open Uni, a 4.5 year online nurse degree. I want to get the training through my trust as it looks like the only viable option finance wise.

Day one was to cut people from around 30 to 16! Day two will cut that to the final 8. We were to be told by yesterday evening but neither me or my colleague had the call, maybe today?!

The initial English & Maths assessment was pretty easy to be fair, below GCSE standard, we then had a short introduction to the course before the interviews started. While waiting we were able to talk to current OU students and get a feel for the course. If I am successful then I can transfer credit for one module in year 1 and one module in year 2.

If I’m not successful this year then I will just apply again for next year along side Brighton & Surrey.

UPDATE: I got the call and I was successful! On to day two and the application form. The form shouldn’t be too hard just the question we have to produce and send out to service uses! I got 20.25 out of 21 for the assessment and one of the highest scores on the interview.

I really do think that my sickness record will be my downfall. If the interview and reference gathering could be after the 1st week in May I would be totally fine but at present I think I’ve had one too many days off ūüôĀ We will just have to wait and see what happens.

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