Motivation rant…

So I just can not get this eating thing down, and I seem to be eating at maintaince.

BMR: 1614
TDEE: 2220

I am forever changing my calorie goal and I currently have it set to 1720 (my goal ends up being more than this most days, I use a fitbit). My eating habits are horrible.

My main meal is dinner so I need to start seeing that as my main calorie meal and small breakfasts & lunches. On paper it looks easy to do but I’m forever going over my goal.

As long as I’m under by the end of the week I’m not really concerned if I go over for 1 or 2 days as long as its not too much, I look at it as, as long as I don’t go over my TDEE.

Should I be thinking this way, should I be concerned with being in the red for calories? I need to find the right lunches/snacks for me to feel satisfied. With a salad I have to have plenty of dressing/sauce on it or I just can’t eat it, I can’t just have plain chicken with veg, I need more. I am stuck on wraps at the moment but I can’t just eat one so having two adds on the calories.

My average monthly calorie burns have been around 2400 so it can’t be that hard to eat at a deficit!

BTW I don’t have alcohol that much (though I do pick the strongest %), maybe I should just up my burns on those days. I rarely buy crisps, chocolates and biscuits.

I need motivation to kick myself into gear. I’m not liking my current gym much but I’m starting a trial next week at a purely strength gym and hoping that with get me going. It probably doesn’t help that I know no-one local who works out.

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