When you just want to throw up.

I had my second 1-2-1 on Wednesday, I wanted to die! Warm up then got working on presses to find out my 3RM. I’ve never been good with this exercise, I have no arm strength. 

vs strict press

I started with 15kg bar for the strict press, moving to 20kg then 25kg then 30kg. Couldn’t get 3 reps with 30kg so moved back down to 25kg with is now my 3RM.
For the push press, I started with 25kg which I found easy-ish. 30kg is my 3RM.

The class ended with The Ladder – 250-meter row; 15 kettlebell swings (12kg), 25 burpees, 15 kettlebell swings (12kg), 250-meter row. The burpees OMG the burpees, I needed so many breaks to complete them, oh how I hate them! Needed to rest halfway through the 2nd lot of KB swings and at the start of the last row but with encouragement from the coach I managed to complete it in 12 min flat.

Once the class was over I had a little while to wait for the bus, 20 mins to be exact. Here is where I throw up any water I had drunk in the session, the short bus journey was so lovely just trying not to throw up again lol.

I managed to get home and have 2 hours rest before going out for the rest of the day & evening.

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