USA holiday 2015 part 2

Our time in Washington (memorial weekend!)

  • Friday afternoon/evening

On our way to Louis Bar we ran into this fine brewery. The drink are soooo cheap ($7 for 2 pints), the cheapest we found in the city.

After some great food and drink we wandered around the city before heading back to our hotel.

  • Saturday

Time to visit the Air & Space museum then onto the memorials around the mall

We ended the night at Louis Bar.

  • Sunday (concert day)

We started the day at the Pentagon and the Air Force memorial. A lovely view over the city and a nice memorial but very hot.

We then visited the pentagon to see the rolling thunder before heading back to the city to wash the rolling thunder parade. What a sight that was, amazing, so many amazing, bike and amazing people.

The evening was spent on Capital Hill (at the front) for the PBS memorial concert. We never expected to get to the front but we were actually the first ones through security. The night was amazing, I think the stories were the best parts. I of course loved Gloria Estefan & my guys from CSI/Crinimal Minds 🙂

We had planned to go out for food after the concert, unfortunately we didn’t really plan ahead and where we wanted to go was just closed (Elephant & Castle) and the area had turned into a hooker infused night club scene. It felt uncomfortable walking through it back to the hotel.

  • Monday (parade day)

We had a lazy morning, and headed back to at a great cafe for breakfast. We ended up going there the last 3 days of our trip.

We arrived at the mall ready for the parade around 11am. We got great seats on the archive steps and watched the rehearsal. Finally the event started at 1pm and people started arrived to get their seats. We had assumed it would be packed early on, but we were wrong.

We ended our last night at The Capital Brewery again 🙂

Part 3 – getting to Dover, coming tomorrow

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