USA holiday 2015 part 4


  • Saturday

This day was xfinity day. We arrived at the track early, booked tickets for the track walk and bought more thinks. This time we dropped everything off at the hotel before the race

  • Sunday

This was RACE day, we sat in turn 4 near the top and had a great time. We had pit passes and unlimited food & drink ūüôā

  • Monday

Our last day in Dover ūüôĀ We met up with Keith’s friend again (he has a car) and went out for breakfast and to get myself a new bag. We visited the state police museum and spent time in Dover, doing a walking tour and enjoy a local bar, chatting to an expat from England, as you do.

  • Tuesday

We left Dover mid afternoon to make the long journey to Dulles Airport. We traveled on 5 trains, 3 coaches/buses, 1 plane by the time we arrived home in Worthing. Again the flight was horrible and I got no sleep.


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