I think cancer affects everyone in one way or another. I’ve thankfully never had a direct family member affected but I have known a few.

Auntie Joan

She married my mums brother, I was young when she died. I just remember that at first she would continue to work at the shop she run at the end of their road but soon all she seemed to do was sleep on the sofa. I’m not totally sure what she actually had but I do know that it spread, it was in her kidney/liver and she had no bowel. Eventually it took her life. My uncle couldn’t cope at first and he started to drink more. He never drank all day every day but it was he’s way of coping. He is doing much better now ūüôā

Both grandfathers

I never knew either grandfather. In fact my parents never met their father in laws. They both died around 55 years old from lung cancer due to smoking a pipe.

Family friend

My family has a friend I’ve known all my life. She has been battling with breast cancer for years. She will be rid of it for it to come back a few years later. The last thing my mum told me was that it was back and she now has fluid on the lungs.

A friend

I met this friend when she was in remission she was also in a wheelchair, not sure if the cancer was the reason for this or if she was born like it, I didn’t really want to ask her.¬† Thankfully she made it to the 7 year mark (or however long it is) to be giving the all clear.

So the real reason for writing this post. Last night we were informed by Keith’s sister in law that he’s brother (John) has terminal cancer (not sure what type) and has been given between 3 months & 1 year to live. I first met him in December 2013 at the funeral of one of their brother in laws. He had a check up the following week I think and must have had another one more¬†recently. He has been suffering for a few years now. Now the family photo taken at the funeral in December has even more meaning.

John is the one with the pint in the front row, Irene also at the front is the one who’s husband had past away. My Keith is the one in the blue & white shirt

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